Africa At A Glance

Community Internet hubs for Africa.

You are in a part of the world, where having access to safe running water, reliable electricity supply, a convenient and affordable public transportation system, and above all, you have the ability of connecting with friends and loved ones miles afar by just a click of a mouse/button of a device right in your palms.


You live in Africa, you don’t really know what the internet of things truly means and signifies, you have never seen or experienced hot water coming out the faucets at home, leave alone drinking from a public fountain. Surprised that the elected public servants are in fact to be held accountable for the provision of community services; that as consumers, the service providers are beholden to you and not act as though they are doing you a favor to sell a service to you.

All these things are seemingly a fairytale to you. Only in a Hollywood world are these experiences even remotely possible. And how else would you ever test to prove the authenticity?

Free movement and travel is denied to you on account of your skin color or origins, or worse still, being castigated for wrongs that you never had a part in.

Lady or Gentleman reading this; the narrations up there are no fables or myths. Brief as they might be, they are indeed an exposé of a reality of two world experiences in two different societies mutually sharing the same planet. The accounts are accurate, the struggles a reality and the chasm an enduring one. There indeed is a world that you sir/ma’am visiting this page in the comforts of your living room right now or phone, tablet or laptop, might be surprised to know of.


In an age and era of great emancipation of the humankind through the wonders and veracity of information, there still are a people, to whom the realization of this great freedom and empowerment is but only a starry dream. People who still struggle to even gain access to basic supplies that define a routine living in a normal world.